Proud to Assist Families for National Child-Centered Divorce Month

The month of July was focused on ensuring the needs of children are being met so they can thrive even after their parents divorce. 

National Child-Centered Divorce Month is recognized during July.

National Child-Centered Divorce Month is recognized during July.

Divorce can be emotional for the husband and wife, but when children are entered into the mix it can become daunting.

We are compelled to support National Child-Centered Divorce Month and offer the entire family the help they need to successfully reach terms of a divorce that are beneficial for all parties involved. 

Rosalind Sedacca, CCT and expert on child-centered divorce, offered suggestions on how to navigate the waters with children when separating and going through a divorce:

  • Put yourselves in your children’s shoes.
  • Remind them they are not at fault.
  • Reassure them that mom and dad will always be their parents.
  • Focus on change, not blame.
  • Be confident and consistent.

It is our goal to meet the needs of our clients and their entire family. If you are considering a divorce or seek legal counsel before proceeding, contact our office today.