Is Sherwin Williams Producing Lead-Based Paint?

We tried to obtain damages for kids and Ohio for all of the lead paint sold here in Ohio. These companies hired lobby folks in Columbus to pass a law that prevented them from being sued.

The Plain Dealer reported.

"Petitioners call on Sherwin Williams, PPG to stop making lead paint 

CLEVELAND, Ohio— More than 5,300 people have signed an online petition calling on Cleveland-based Sherwin Williams and Pittsburgh's PPG Industries, two of the nation's largest paint producers, to stop making lead paint for sale abroad.

Lead-based paint has been banned from residential use in the United States since 1978 because it causes irreparable harm to the developing brains of children and can lead to learning disabilities, behavior problems, and lifelong health issues. At high levels, exposure to the toxin leads to seizures, coma and even death.