Will Explosion at Crocker Park Bring Lawsuit?

The unexpected and shocking propane tank explosion at Crocker Park last month left many questioning why and how it all happened. 

When speaking to Channel 3 News, Scott Allen, a spokesperson for the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, stated that a propane tank exploding on a construction site is, “absolutely not typical.”

Allen said an OSHA inspector was on scene to investigate not just what happened to cause the blast, and determine the responsible parties, but also to uncover any additional OSHA violations at the job site.

“What we’re going to do is try to find out if the employer was following all OSHA standards and regulations, and try to determine how this doesn’t happen again. Honestly, these things can be prevented if all standards and regulations are followed,” Allen explained. 

This incident is just one of many that illustrates the dangers that can occur if employers do not follow or maintain safe practices. It is important as an employee to know your rights, especially when accidents like this occur.

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