Keep Your Teens Safe on Spring Break

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The time for a break from school has come, but do you know what your teenagers have planned?

Whether it is a vacation to the beach or a party at a friend's house, there are many opportunities to find trouble.

If your teen is underage it is imperative they understand the impact of underage drinking. Carrying a fake i.d, purchasing alcohol, or driving after drinking all carry heavy consequences. And if they decide to travel to Mexico or to a country where they can legally consume alcohol, make sure you know their plans, destinations, and have contact information for everyone they will be traveling with before they leave the country.

Drinking for those 21 and over is just as serious when it comes to buying alcohol for minors, hosting a party with underage drinkers, and driving under the influence. Any offense can have serious legal repercussions and it's vital to let them know police have every right to arrest and charge them. 

Make sure they make smart choices but if their vacation finds them behind bars and facing DUI charges, contact us immediately to ensure their rights are met and let us work to give them the best possible outcome.