Is Your Employer Risking Your Safety?

employer safety lawsuit

It may seem like a simple question, but it's essential to realize countless companies are cited for having unsafe work environments on a daily basis.

Safety and Health Magazine reported that "The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that major falls at the workplace accounted for 14 percent of all fatalities in 2014, and OSHA standards related to scaffolding and ladders are regularly among the most frequently cited violations."

Read these common hazards found by the National Safety Council to see if your employer is breaking the law.

Extension cord overuse and misuse
Although extension cords can be useful for temporarily supplying power for certain operations, the key word is “temporarily.” When a cord is used for several weeks or months, a National Safety Consultant said, OSHA doesn’t consider the use temporary. This opens the door for a violation.

Forklift Accidents
How employers react to these occurrences is critical, but their responses often miss the mark, NSC consultants say. They found a common attitude after an incident is to blame the individual and instill discipline. The forklift driver is re-trained, re-tested and then put back into the system. But employers fail to identify the root cause, which often is not enough staff or trucks to manage the current workload.

Improper Storage
Whether it's dangerous chemicals that are not being stored safely, or boxes and equipment that are left near exits or near fire hazards, keeping the workplace clean and clear of debris is vital, especially if heavy equipment and machinery are being used. 

If you believe your employer should be cited for these or an additional safety hazards, or if you sustained a workplace injury at the fault of your employer, it it important to contact us today to let us represent you.