Distracted Driving Leads to Fatalities

The Ohio State Highway Patrol honored Distracted Driving Awareness Month by posting highway signs throughout the state.

According to OSHP officials, in 2016, almost 14,000 crashes in Ohio had a reported distraction, including over 25 fatal crashes. And from 2015 to 2016, the number of reported distracted drivers rose 5% over the previous year, as reported by WTAP FOX News.

Sgt. Garic Warner, of the Ohio State Highway Patrol, stated, "Manually, you're taking your hand off the wheel, visually you're taking your eyes off the road, and cognitively you're not thinking about driving. Just really think is it worth it? The fines are one thing, but if you cause a fatal accident, or you yourself get hurt seriously, just think about it. Is that text really worth it? Is that call really worth it?”

Arrests and felony charges can ensue even if a driver is sober. It is vital to know your legal rights after an accident resulting in distracted driving. We are prepared to help you. Contact us today.