Cleveland Has Highest Lead Poisoning Levels in Ohio

Our children and residents of Cleveland are at a dangerous risk for lead poisoning.

The Plain Dealer has continued its investigations into the prominent threat that lead poisoning has on families living in Cleveland and found:

  • Only 38 percent of the 6,688 lead poisoning referrals statewide were investigated from 2011 to 2015;
  • State investigators were able to reach families and complete investigations for only about half the referrals it is was responsible for since 2011;
  • When hazardous levels of lead were found, they were cleaned up or the public warned of the danger with placards 57 percent of the time from 2011 to 2014.

The article reported that since 2011, thousands of children's lead poisoning cases were left without investigation, and at least 1,000 homes across the state remained known hazards.

You and your family could be at risk for lead poisoning. It is our mission to protect the rights of families living in these dangerous conditions.

We are prepared to represent you and have the experience you need to ensure your children are no longer exposed to lead. Contact us today.