What every business owner needs to know about premises liability

What is premises liability and why is it important to every business owner?

Many are familiar with personal injuries, but the term premises liability remains a mystery. A recent article in Forbes details circumstances that could lead to a premises liability lawsuit, and the steps to take to avoid one.

Even as a renter, your business is liable and the burden will not fall solely on the landlord in a lawsuit. The importance of protecting your workplace and your business from a potential lawsuit is essential. “If an unsafe condition is discovered (or even suspected), it must be corrected immediately.

Neither you nor your employees should assume that someone else will clean up the spill, flatten the entryway mat, or clear ice and snow off the walkway. Establish clear policies and procedures so your employees know what to do when it comes to dangerous conditions.”

As an employee, you are also entitled to a safe working environment. Just as it is essential for a business owner to know their rights and the laws surrounding their business, it is also vital for an employee to understand that laws have been established and are in place to keep them safe in their workplace.