Do 50% of marriages end in divorce?

There are many popular beliefs about the chances of a marriage lasting or heading toward divorce. The most widely believed statistic is that one in two marriages end in divorce.

In the state of Ohio alone,  nine out of 1,000  marriages end in divorce each year

In the state of Ohio alone, nine out of 1,000 marriages end in divorce each year

According to a web site created by the State of Ohio, nine out of 1,000 marriages end in divorce each year In the state of Ohio alone. Based on reports from the CDC, both divorce rates and marriage rates are decreasing, and information implies that a 50% divorce rate is an inaccurate statistic.

state by state comparison identified which states are the easiest and the most difficult to obtain a divorce. Looking at a combination of factors such as how long spouses must be residents in the state, the cost of filing fees, the waiting period to file, and the separation requirement before a divorce can be filed, Ohio secured a score of 45, making it not the easiest (Alaska with 100 points), but also not the most difficult state (Arkansas with 20 points)  to get a divorce.

Shape magazine recently published an article that identified common myths surrounding marriage and divorce; for example, if you marry when you are young, does this increase your chances of getting a divorce? Does living together before marriage shorten your time as husband and wife? The findings rebuke several misconceptions surrounding marriage and divorce.

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