Thanksgiving Eve DUI’s

The night before Thanksgiving has been known to be one of the most popular for drinking. Many students return home and are reunited with old friends, and families join together and often go out on the eve of Thanksgiving.

In 2014, Ohio saw  27 alcohol-related  deaths between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. 

In 2014, Ohio saw 27 alcohol-related deaths between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. 

Last year, Ohio saw 27 alcohol-related deaths between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. As this night presents an opportunity for drinking and celebrating, it is essential to be prepared with the reality that police officers will be out in full force monitoring the roads for drunk drivers.

“The holidays are a joyous time of year, filled with celebrations, time with loved ones and good cheer, but one bad decision can change everything,” said ODPS Director Thomas P.Charles. “I urge everyone to make good, sound decisions when it comes to safe and sober driving this holiday season.”

In addition to celebrating and enjoying time with family and friends, take the proper steps to ensure you have a sober driver, or call a cab or Uber to ensure your holiday season starts off without a DUI arrest.

“We are urging motorists to make smart decisions and designate a sober driver or call a taxi to ensure that everyone makes it home safe,” said Colonel John Born, Ohio State Highway Patrol superintendent. “If everyone does their part, we can save many families from the heartache of losing a loved one.”