Is this the season for upcoming divorces?

Many consider the month of November to be the beginning of many joy-filled family moments spent celebrating the holidays, but recent statistics suggest this may be the beginning of divorce season.

"People fight about money over the holidays," says Carol Anderson, parenting coordinator for Hamilton County. "It starts with Thanksgiving, then you're visiting in-laws, then you have to buy Christmas gifts for the kids. Money is the number one thing people fight about."

The main component to a healthy relationship is communication, Anderson says, and that takes a hit during the winter months as well.

"All the clouds, the cold weather - it can be hellacious," she says. "People stay in more. They're not outside as much. That has a lot to do with it."

Many couples also want to savor one last holiday season together before separating and changing the family structure. Whatever the reason, if you are beginning discussions about divorce, it is never too early to contact legal support to ensure the process goes smoothly and is successful for all parties involved.