What You Should Know Before Doing Home Renovations

lead poisoning attorney

This is the season to start remodeling, but before you begin, make sure you are not exposing your family to lead.

Cleveland has received much attention about the high lead poisoning rates found throughout Cuyahoga County. Any home built before 1978 has an increased risk of containing lead.

The Environmental Protection Agency states, “Contractors doing work for compensation in homes or child-occupied facilities built before 1978 must be certified and follow certain work practices.”

We strongly advise anyone considering a renovation to hire only experienced, competent contractors who have the knowledge and resources to protect your family from all lead exposure.

If you are renting a home and have concerns that renovations are not being done safely and that your family is at risk for lead poisoning, we advise you to contact us immediately.

Even a small amount of lead can have life-altering consequences, especially for young children. We have dedicated our work to protecting families from this terrible poison and urge you to contact us today.