Successful DUI Reduction

dui arrest attorney

We were once again successful in getting a good faith reduction for our young adult client who had a DUI charge in the southern suburbs of Cuyahoga County.

Our client was a young man who was very respectful to the police when pulled over – and that mattered here.

Many people ask what they should do if pulled over by the police with a fear that they might not pass a field sobriety test. Each case is different (very different). But it ALWAYS helps if you are very polite to the officer(s).

It may not get you any reduction in the long run, but police officers are just human beings and they often empathize with polite persons who they feel they have to arrest for a DUI – and they will often professionally go to bat for those who might deserve a reduction (based upon the evidence).

Our client was a young kid with a bright future and we are happy for this victory.