Will Cleveland Rentals Be “Lead Safe” by 2021?

lead poisoning cleveland children attorney

As reported by the Plain Dealer, each day four children in Cleveland are diagnosed with lead poisoning.

Children’s exposure to lead has reached new heights and an advocacy group is working to propose a ballot that would force older Cleveland homes to be completely lead free.

As stated in the article, “A “lead safe” ordinance created by members of CLASH — Cleveland Lead Advocates for Safe Housing — would require owners of most Cleveland rental homes to prove their properties are lead-safe by 2021 or face fines.”

This is just one of many efforts being made to protect our youngest Cleveland residents from life-altering health and mental issues caused from lead poisoning.

If your child has lead poisoning, or if you fear you are living in a property with lead, contact us immediately. We have dedicated years to helping families and are ready to fight for you.