Have You Been Compensated for Your Workplace Accident?

workplace dangers accident compensation

If you are employed in any industry, but especially one that includes physical labor, you are entitled to safe workplace conditions.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that 5,147 workers were killed on the job in 2017.

Common, everyday accidents can be avoided if The Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards are followed.

The following were the top 10 most frequent safety violations found by OSHA:

  • Fall protection, construction

  • Hazard communication standard

  • Scaffolding, construction

  • Respiratory protection

  • Control of hazardous energy

  • Ladders, construction

  • Powered industrial trucks

  • Fall Protection–Training Requirements

  • Machinery and Machine Guarding

  • Eye and Face Protection

If you have been injured on the job, or believe you face unsafe work conditions, let us help ensure your safety and protection and contact us today.