Lead Poisoning Prevalent in Cleveland

Lead Poisoning Prevalent in Cleveland.jpg

Lead poisoning still poses a real threat to children living in Cleveland.

Almost 90% of homes in the Cleveland area were built before 1978, making the risk of exposure to lead extremely high.

Children are the most at-risk and as reported in The New York Times, Dr. Dorr Dearborn, a retired pediatrician and chairman emeritus of Case Western Reserve University’s department of environmental health sciences, said widely elevated lead levels “give these children an abnormal base to which all the other determinants of school failure and aggressive behavior are added.”

The Plain Dealer stated, "In addition to problems preventing lead exposure, our region has also been very bad at finding children who have already been poisoned by lead. Only about a third of children who are at risk for lead poisoning in the Cleveland area are screened for the toxin, according to an analysis completed by Ohio State University's Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity."

When it comes to this toxic threat, don't take any chances. We have dedicated our practice to representing families facing lead poisoning and helping them gain the financial support and medical assistance they need. Don't wait another day.

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