New Study Finds Links Between Lead Poisoning and Crime

The Plain Dealer recently reported that more homicides, aggravated assaults and weapons-related crimes are found in areas with a high number of vacant homes, and have a higher number of children suffering from lead poisoning.

This is the first data-driven study on ties between vacant and distressed housing, crime and lead exposure, and was released by researchers at Case Western Reserve University's Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development.

As stated by The Plain Dealer, "Hotspots where the three problems are highly concentrated include much of Cleveland's Glenville neighborhood and parts of Buckeye-Shaker, Mount Pleasant, Union Miles and Slavic Village on the East and South sides as well as portions of the Clark-Fulton and Stockyards areas on the near West Side."

If you are living in these areas and believe your home is at risk for lead exposure, you have the right to protect your children and family from lead poisoning.

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