New Efforts Seek to Eradicate Lead in Cleveland Homes

New Efforts Seek to Eradicate Lead in Cleveland Homes1.jpg

The Plain Dealer has exposed countless errors and statistics of citizens going unassisted while living in homes with lead.

A recent article cites Improvements to Cleveland's lead problem and reported that, "the city now has a rental inspection program, launched this summer. After studying approaches used by other cities, Mayor Frank Jackson's administration opted to start interior and exterior inspections of all registered rentals for a list of health and safety issues, including peeling paint in older homes. To do so, it dedicated millions from a voter-approved tax increase to start hiring 33 new employees in the Building & Housing department -- including 13 to staff the rental property inspection unit."

While still in its infancy, steps taken by city officials show long overdue attention and resources are now being directed to prevent more families and children from being exposed to toxic amounts of lead.

If you live in a house built before 1978, the owner is legally required to maintain a safe, lead-free home for you and your family.

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