Back to school can mean back to underage drinking

It is no secret that many college students take the opportunity to drink when they return to campus, and many are not of the legal drinking age.

In Ohio, the only legal way for a person age 21 or younger to have an alcoholic beverage is if their parent gives consent and is present when their child is drinking (4301.69(B) O.R.C.). 

Otherwise, the student is breaking the law by drinking alcohol and can face penalties that include fines up to $1,000.00 and the potential for imprisonment up to 180 days.

This is certainly not the way any parent or student wants to spend their time in college, so it is important to explain to your college-bound student the penalties surrounding underage drinking.

Ohio drinking laws and penalties do not focus solely on an underage person consuming alcohol. It is also illegal for a person to purchase, sell or provide alcohol to minors under 21. Fines between $500-$1000 and up to six months of imprisonment can be enforced in these situations.

And let’s not forget the means by which many underage students purchase alcohol in the first place, by using a fake ID. This is considered to be a criminal offense with fines ranging from $250-$1000 and up to six months of imprisonment.

The issues surrounding underage alcohol consumption are very serious and can have severe and long-term implications for your student’s future, not only the infractions they may face from the university they attend, but also the legal ramifications from their choice to drink alcohol illegally.