Recent Settlement by Fairview Park Schools Demonstrates Importance of Contract

Many businesses may not realize the necessity of a contract when making hiring decisions, and the impact it can have on a company.

A recent settlement from the Fairview Park school board highlights the significance of this area of the law, demonstrating situations that can commonly arise when the hiring body and an employee disagree.

In this six-figure settlement, the man hired to become Fairview Parks’ district superintendent contested the board’s rescinding of his job offer. Geoffrey Andrews received $150,000 as a settlement over the contract dispute he had with the Fairview Park school board. Even though Andrews had never worked one day for the district, based on the contract both parties had previously agreed to, he was still entitled to receive over six-figures.

This example of a hefty settlement serves as a vital lesson for any business, small or large, and the necessity of an experienced contracts attorney.