Spending patterns in a spouse may indicate they are preparing for divorce

Monitoring how your spouse spends money may be able to tell you if they are preparing to file for divorce.

TIME magazine recently identified 11 changes in a spouse’s spending behavior that may imply the spouse is seeking a divorce. Based on the article, these financial changes occurring during a marriage can indicate an impending divorce.

  1. Argues about money.

  2. Seems to be hiding money.

  3. Has no explanation for why money is missing.

  4. Has stopped direct deposits to your joint bank account.

  5. Puts you on a budget and demands an accounting of all of your spending.

  6. Makes large cash withdrawals.

  7. Pays for his/her own credit card bills — or has his/her mail sent to the office.

  8. Goes on more business trips than usual and has greater travel and entertainment expenses.

  9. Blindsides you with gifts and trips.

  10. Reduces contributions to savings or retirement. Excess cash is now spent or saved somewhere else.

  11. Takes out loans because it is a “smart” financial decision during times of low interest rates.

These are based on changes in the way a spouse manages money, and suggests monitoring spending patterns to know in advance if a marriage is headed for divorce.