Ensure all New Year’s Eve Guests are of Legal Drinking Age

This New Year’s Eve, take caution and be aware that there are severe consequences for supplying alcohol to underage drinkers.

Last year, a mother was charged after she supplied alcohol to her daughter and her friends, which led to a fatal crash after the party. 

“This is a real tragedy that could have been prevented,” said Agent-in-Charge Harold Torrens.
“Parents need to realize there are consequences to providing alcohol to underage individuals.”

The Ohio Department of Public Safety’s Ohio Investigative Unit is diligent about working to fight against illegal drinking. Often plain-clothed police officers, they use trace-back investigations to investigate the source of alcohol, and to discover whether was sold or provided to an underage individual following an alcohol-related incident. 

The presence of alcohol in fatal crashes continues to be a significant problem in Ohio. Retailers and those over 21 are reminded to never provide or sell alcohol to an underage person. Doing so could result in criminal charges or result in administrative charges against the liquor permit.