Wrongful Death Case Against a City - Large Settlement

In the last two weeks we finally negotiated a large settlement in a wrongful death case against a large local city.  

A police officer stuck and killed the husband and father of a local family while the father was pushing a stalled car off the highway. 

We proved to the trial court (through approximately 7 depositions of police officers and others - and the use of 3 experts) that the police officer was very untruthful about his explanation of the accident.  

The city and the officer had claimed immunity (governmental entities get this sometimes for auto accidents with police cars) - but that would only apply if the police officer's version of what happened was in fact true.  

This particular case took 4 years from start to finish, two trial court judges and one trip up and back from the Court of Appeals (where we won as well). It was a great feeling to tell the widow of the resolution.  These are the days that make you glad to be a lawyer.