New "Litigation" Lawyers.

Its an little known secret to non-lawyers that there is a serious underemployment/unemployment problem for lawyers who recently got out of law school.  As many as 40% of lawyers graduating from law school have no official jobs.  So what do they do?  The get a business card and a cell phone and operate a solo practice out of their home (or their parents' home).  They go to one or two seminars on DUI defense, family law or personal injury, and pay to get a web site up and running, and then claim they are seasoned litigation lawyers.  And they are all over. Too many clients come to us AFTER they have hired these young and inexperienced lawyers.  Its often way too late for us to do anything at that point.

It is very important for any client to ask serious questions about the lawyer they are hiring for their specific courtroom experience.  How many jury trials have they tried?  How many motions have they litigated?  Do they have their own law office (instead of renting space from another law firm or group of lawyers)?   Do they have malpractice insurance?

Ask these questions.  Your case depends on it.