Civil Protection Order for Our Clients

Restraining OrderThis week we were able to secure what Ohio law calls a "Civil Protection Order" ("CPO") for a client of ours.   Our client (and his family) were being stalked and harassed by a woman with a long history of mental health issues.   The order is good for 5 years. These types of orders are great for folks like our clients who have suffered from the emotional and psychological effects of stalkers and harassers such as the woman here.  This "CPO" order will allow the police to immediately arrest the woman if she comes within 1000 feet of the family or, as she was doing to harass, she files any more false police reports about the family. Violating a CPO (like violating a criminal "Temporary Protection Order") is a crime - which can get a person jailed for up to 6 months.

Hopefully this will be enough to keep this mentally unstable woman at bay.