The Horrors of Insufficient "Under-Insured" and "Uninsured" Motorist Coverage.

Broken bankGo into that office desk drawer and pull out your auto policy - now.   Look at the specific amount of "under-insured" and "uninsured" coverage that you and your family has.  We have had too many clients find out AFTER a serious accident with a person without insurance or with minimal insurance that the "under-insured" and "uninsured" coverage in their policy was VERY insufficient.   Getting a good amount of INCREASED coverage cost, in relation to the whole policy, is very little. We just had another client who had a serious automobile accident.  Her medical bills total over $100,000.00 - and those bills are going to continue to climb.   The person who caused the accident had only $100,000.00 worth of coverage - and the health insurance carrier who is responsible for paying our client's medical bills has what the law calls a "subrogation" right to seize the insurance proceeds of the person who caused the accident.  So, in the case we have now, the health insurance carriers will try to seize ALL of the $100,000.00 of the auto insurance proceeds (we will fight this of course).  Sadly for our client, her "under-insured" and "uninsured" coverage was only $25,000 - the state minimum.     What a disaster for the client.

As we have posted before, we suggest nothing less than $500,000 worth of liability coverage to protect your own assets - and an equal $500,000.00 worth of "under-insured" and "uninsured" coverage in case the folks that injure you have no or insufficient insurance.  Call your insurance broker and see what the additional coverage costs.  You will be surprised how cheap the increase is.

Do it now - not after an accident.