Stopping after an accident - what is illegal?

We often see persons who have been charged with what the legal profession calls a "hit-skip" - which means leaving the scene of an accident.   We  most often see it (1) in elderly folks who bump into someone in a parking lot or street (and mostly really don't notice) and (2) drivers who are afraid of getting charged with a DUI.   Some older ordinances and statutes seem to imply that a driver has 24 hours to report any accident.  However, that 24-hour notice provision really only applies when the driver cannot locate or immediately contact a police officer.  That language has been in the law for many years - long before the wide use of cellphones.  With the prevalence of cell phones, however, those provisions are mostly meaningless. Further,many cities are updating their municipal codes to address this old loophole. Leaving the scene of an accident - even a non-serious accident- can have severe consequences.  A person convicted of this offense gets 6 points on their driver's license and can go to jail for up to 6 months (same as a DUI), and some judges fairly speculate that the driver fled from the scene because the driver was drunk - and they will gladly put that driver in jail.  If you are not drunk or impaired, NEVER leave the scene of an accident.   If you believe you are impaired, its best you consult with a lawyer before calling the police.  Although the lawyer cannot suggest to you that you leave the scene, that lawyer can give you some good advice on how to handle yourself when the police arrive.