Another DUI trial result

One of the things that Mr. O'Shea does in his practice is his part time city prosecutor job.  In that regard, Mr. O'Shea is called upon to prosecute DUIs that occur in his home city of Rocky River.    A number of times each year he has to take a case to trial.   In that last 3 years, he has had to try 5 DUI cases as a city prosecutor - and has been successful each time (including this past week).  Each of those cases involved ONLY the presentation of testimony of officers who conducted field sobriety tests (often called "FSTs") - with no evidence of blood alcohol presented to the jury.  Each time he sees different techniques used by defense lawyers to attempt to gain a not guilty verdict.  At this point he has seen just about everything.   Some techniques work (to some degree) and some do not.  With each trial Mr. O'Shea gains more experience in the presentation of DUI testimony and the cross-examination on that testimony.    Mr. O'Shea believes that this actual trial experience (as well as the many many "hearings" he has litigated) in the DUI prosecution/defense world significantly helps his overall understanding of Ohio's DUI law and the proper techniques in both defending (Mr. O'Shea defends DUI cases outside of the Rocky River Court) and prosecuting DUI cases.