The police can search you if they think there is an "emergency"

The Ohio Supreme Court just issued a decision which held that a person may be stopped and quickly searched if the police believe that emergency aid is needed to protect life or prevent serious injury.     In State v. Dunn, the Court held that because the police had received a call that Mr. Dunn was driving around in a tow-truck with the thoughts of suicide, the police could stop the truck and conduct a quick search for weapons.  The Court called this "the community-caretaking/emergency-aid exception to the Fourth Amendment warrant requirement."  The Court also held that the prosecution does not have to prove that the call, in an emergency-type of situation, does  not have to be proven "reliable."  The Court then concluded that the warrantless search of that truck was constitutionally permissible, and therefore affirmed Dunn's conviction for improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle. Advice:  Don't tell folks that you are going to kill yourself and then drive around with a gun.   Whatever is illegal in the car is fair game for a police search.