GPS Tracking by the Police - Again

We have previously written about Ohio law treatment of the issue of police attaching a GPS device to a car without a search warrant - a new issue which has arisen out of new technology. Well . . . The Supreme Court of the United States may be taking the issue up very soon. In the August 2010 opinion of United States v. Maynard, a federal court of appeals held that the police do in fact need a warrant to use a GPS device. The Federal Government is trying to appeal that ruling to the United States Supreme Court.  The United States Supreme Court does not have to take the appeal (it is up to them to decide if it has enough importance), and if it declines to do so, then the appellate court ruling stands - and, by a sort-of legal default, becomes the law of the land.    Stay tuned for details on this one.  Many police departments are watching.