Driver's License Suspensions

Part of our practice involves advising clients on the driver's license suspensions (from DUIs and other offenses) and assisting those clients on getting their driver's licenses back. In Ohio, there are approximately 40 ways to get your license suspended, including but not limited to DUIs, 12-point suspensions, failure to have or show insurance when pulled over for a traffic offense, and child support arrearages suspensions. Many suburban courts in Cuyahoga County have what are called "diversion" programs aimed at getting unlicensed persons legal again - with the idea being that Ohio wants its drivers to be legal rather than suspended. Many drivers get pulled over without actually knowing that their license has been suspended - and a police officer can pull you over just because your license plate indicates that the owner of the car has a suspended license. In many courts, driving under a suspended license ("DUS") cases are first degree misdemeanor cases which can technically get that driver up to 6 months in jail.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that many license suspensions are issued for issues that do not even involve driving. The January 17, 2011 article says that at least 25% of license suspensions have nothing really to do with driving issues.

Make sure that there is nothing out there that could result in your license being suspended and always have your insurance card available to show a police officer if you get pulled over (best to leave it in the car or have it in your wallet).