The Ohio Supreme Court Gun Rights Decision

The Ohio Supreme Court issued a somewhat controversial gun rights decision today. In the case of City of Cleveland. v. State of Ohio. the Ohio Supreme Court held that Ohio cities were barred from enforcing any city gun "ordinances" which conflicted with any "statutes" which have been passed by the State of Ohio. In this particular case, the following City of Cleveland ordinances were in alleged conflict with the guns laws passed in Columbus: Cleveland Codified Ordinance 627.08 (possession of firearms by minors), 627.09 (possessing deadly weapons on private property), 627.10 (possessing certain weapons at or about public places), 627A.02 (access to firearms, prohibiting children access to firearms), 628.03 (unlawful conduct, prohibiting possession and sale of assault weapons), and 674.05 (registration of handguns). Essentially this decision is a further pronouncement by the Ohio Supreme Court (as they have done in other cases in the last few years) that the laws passed in Columbus trump the laws passed by individual city councils. Many legal observers see this decision not so much as a victory for gun rights advocates but as a further eroding of what is commonly referred to as "home rule" - the power of individual cities to police themselves.

See the Plain Dealer article about this decision for more background.