The dangers of social networks while you are in litigation or a business deal

There have been a number of recent discussions about the "dangers" of over-participating in social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, My Space) while you are a participant in a legal claim or actual litigation - or even a business deal. This is because, obviously, almost anyone can monitor your social activities to the extent that you (or even your "friends") post those activities on social media. There have been incidents in domestic relations cases (let your imagination run wild here) or personal injury claims/lawsuits (e.g. a photo of an alleged injured person jet skiing or playing football) that have revealed information that one did not want revealed. So if you are involved in a divorce case, a personal injury case, or even a business deal/lawsuit where your "social" life can be relevant, be VERY careful about what you or someone else posts about you in social media platforms. Your adversaries can get free private investigation info on your from their desktops or laptops.

So if you have some of these issues in your life, be careful of what you or your buddies post about you.