Stay in the Car Dude

The Cuyahoga Court of Appeals has recently affirmed the "obsructing of official business" conviction of a speeding motorist. In Broadview Heights v. Stovall, the Court held that a jury could convict a motorist of obstruction of official business [in Broadview Heights called "interference with an enforcing official"] for simply getting in and out of her car and screaming at police during a traffic stop. The Court made it clear that Ohio law does permit a police officer to demand that a motorist "remain in the vehicle" while the officer has the motorist stopped on the side of the road. Although it would not have been enough to convict a person of simply yelling an obscenity at a police officer for writing a ticket, this woman took it all to a whole new level. We suggest you click on the case caption to read these facts. This gal's action were so over the top, the trial judge gave her 30 days after the jury verdict - although she could have gotten 180.
Our advice, stayin the car dude.