Points and Traffic Offenses

As most folks know, traffic violation convictions get you what are called "points" under Ohio law, and these points can add up and (1) increase your insurance rates and (2) result in the suspension of your driver's license (if you get 12 points). Some driving convictions can result on more than the standard 2 points - like reckless operation (4 points), driving under a suspended license (6 points) and DUIs (6 points). Many drivers hire experienced traffic lawyers to go to court for them to see if they can negotiate a reduction from a "point" violation to a "no-point" violation. Many drivers can't suffer the consequences of getting points in light of their specific job, or because they already have too many points already and can't suffer the consequences of a license suspension - or because their insurance rates are too high already. The decision or policy involved with any plea negotiations varies from courthouse to courthouse - and getting a lawyer that knows the local custom can be important. There are now new rules concerning how a person can take care of their traffic cases without even coming back to court (see blog entry dated April 11, 2010 - "New Changes in Ohio Traffic Rules"). Make sure you or anyone you know who has to go to court over a traffic violation has a lawyer who is familiar with these new rules.