Recent United States Supreme Court Search Case and Courts of Appeals in Ohio.

Recently the United States Supreme Court came out with a decision that has somewhat redirected the analysis that courts in the United States must use in what are commonly referred to as car search cases (i.e. where police search cars incident to an arrest). This case is called Arizona v. Gant, which, in real short summary, now forbids police officers from searching a car in most circumstances once the police have arrested that driver/passenger and that driver/passenger is away from the car. Courts in the United States, including Courts of Appeals in Ohio, are now forced to deal with this new case, and, in more than a few circumstances, are suppressing the results of what are now (i.e. after the issuance of Arizona v. Gant) illegal searches. Gant, and the developing body of trial court and court of appeals cases that are now applying Gant, are causing a good amount of new motion-to-suppress work for many police, prosecutors, defense lawyers and judges.