Our verdict in a workplace assault case.

We just obtained a not-guilty verdict for a physician-client of ours. The physician had emigrated from Albania (where he had been a practicing physician) and was working at a local hospital as a medical technician while trying to get licensed in Ohio, get his U.S. citizenship and to save enough to move his wife to the United States. One particular nurse at the hospital consistently made crude and ethnic insensitive comments to the client, and when the client eventually verbally exploded at the nurse in the break room, the nurse and her close friend claimed that the client slapped her 3 times in the face. A fair and necessary background check of the nurse’s employment history revealed that she was less than a credible witness (and employee) . In applying the proper definition of reasonable doubt, the jury rendered a not-guilty verdict. If the client had been found guilty, he would have been almost immediately deported, and he would have lost out on a life-long dream to have his family start a life with him here. He was rather emotional at the verdict.