What a hospital can do the uninsured - charge much more for the same service

Some courts of appeals have recently issued written decisions that approve what you might think is very unfair - hospitals and medical providers that charge "uninsured" patients up to twice what they charge insured patients.  Most insured patients get the benefit of a "contract" between their health insurance company and the medical provider that requires the medical provider to give that patient up to a 50% reduction on the bill.   Health insurance companies get this discount from medical providers in return for the bulk of billing that gets paid by the insurance company.

If an uninsured person gets injured in a car or other accident, the medical provider can simply wait out the claim and demand full payment of the bill when the cases settles or a judgment by a court is issued.   Sometimes, somewhat tragically, the medical providers get to gobble up ALL of the settlement or judgment money BEFORE the injured party/patient gets one red cent.   In that regard, it is very important for the injured party and their lawyers to make sure that they understand the net effect of any settlement and work hard before that settlement to see if these medical providers will agree to reduce their claim (some do, some don't).

Be careful out there.