Spousal Support Win

A mother of two children who was only married for three years had success in getting some spousal support.

She was trying to get on her feet by going back to school and working part-time. She knew she did not need it forever or for any significant time, and we obtained this spousal support in addition to the child support her ex-husband would have to pay.

DUI Reduction Case

Our client who had been accused of a DUI recently received a reduction.

At our request, once the prosecutor looked at the video of the client performing the field sobriety tests, they agreed with us that the client did well enough on the video.

What really helped here was our clear understanding of how field sobriety tests are to be administered and how one must perform on them. This is a very happy client, as he could have lost his job with a DUI conviction. 

Victory for Client

We recently received a not guilty verdict for a client accused of the crime of failing to verify his address with the County Sheriff.

We were successful based upon a legal technicality known as identification. None of the witnesses called by the State of Ohio could say whether or not the man sitting at the table with me was the man who failed to verify his address.

None of these witnesses had in fact ever seen my client before, and they failed to bring any identification information with them.

The client was a now homeless man who had been residing at a homeless shelter for about a year and had been in the hospital for a number of months when the authorities claimed he should be verifying his address.  

DUI protections for our clients

DUI cases are complicated.  

The economic impact on a client can be huge (i.e. fines, attorney fees, loss of employment and insurance costs, etc).  Further, some clients have huge issues with their employment if they are even accused of a DUI offense.

Recently, we had to assist two clients with a number of these important legal and economic issues.  The first was a husband and father who had never been in trouble in his life.  One night, in a moment of very bad judgment, he decided to drive home from a party where he had been drinking very heavily.  On his way home, he lost control of his car, and went into a ditch. 

Before his car left the road, he hit a mailbox - which flew through the air and hit an elderly man in the leg (taking out his garbage), breaking the leg of the elderly man.  Because of how the law worked, this husband/father (and owner of a small family business which supported the family and others) was facing a minimum of one year in prison. 

However, because of some issues we were able to locate in the arrest procedure, we were able to negotiate a much lower sentence, and the client did not have to report for that sentence until after the holidays. This way, he can ready his family and his family's business for the time he will have to spend in jail. This was huge to the client and his family.

The second was a woman who is in the last months of her nursing degree.  She is currently employed as a RN-in-training (big hospital), and the OVI arrest has frightened her about her RN employment possibilities.   Due to some issues we were able to locate in connection with the arrest, she was offered a plea to a reckless operation - a huge reduction for her. 

This will look much better on her driving record - and should provide her with a significantly strong explanation to any current or prospective employer about what happened on one, out-of-the-ordinary, night.

As we stated above, it is important to look at all of the personal and economic impacts a DUI arrest has on a client.   Its not always just about the law and the police report.